Role Specific Workspace

Many companies struggle with the complexity of managing authorizations in an integrated globally used IT system. While they strive to provide information to their business users based on the ‘Need-to-Know’ principle, they also need to be strict to ensure data integrity and data privacy.

Team up with EXA Role Specific Workspace!

Our Role Specific Workspace solution is an intelligent add-on to SAP’s PLM 7 Access Control Management (SAP ACM) framework. It automatically assigns your business objects to specific workspaces such as projects, lines of business or regions and enables you to contextually control the access to them. Don’t be bothered with time-intensive object assignment – let EXA Role Specific Workspace take over.


Our specially-developed algorithm assigns business objects to SAP ACM contexts based on existing data and automatically identifies the responsible persons according to their role and specific workspace. To ensure that your data is protected as needed, security managers can centrally define rules for access rights according to your company’s data security policy. Users will only get access to data which they are authorized to see, thus protecting sensitive data.

Key Features

This solution goes far beyond reducing the management effort and protecting your data. It grants your team members the luxury of having their own personal workspace – not just inside the office but also inside your PLM system. Each member has direct access to all necessary information, selectively provided by this unique solution. Do not burden your team with tedious information procurement or redundant and unnecessary data- automatically provide the ideal scope of information and increase your efficiency.

Furthermore, using this solution, your company can grow unrestricted without any increase of your authorization management effort. All it takes is one smart system that manages it all: EXA Role Specific Workspace.

Technical Summary

EXA’s Role Specific Workspace can be used with a SAP PLM 7.01 (or higher) installation and needs to run on EhP5 or EhP6.

Synergy with other EXA solutions

Combine EXA’s Role Specific Workspace with other EXA solutions and gain an even more seamless and efficient process management. Combining with EXA’s Process Control solutions for example, even allows your workflows to automatically select the relevant agents for steps in the process, so it has never been easier to control your business processes.